popup pluginA Popup Plugin is a plugin that displays your optin form in a lightbox on your website, these popup plugins are known to dramatically increase your conversion rates and get more people into your list.

Which is always a good thing :-)

Today I want to tell you about the popup plugin I’m using now. It does so much more than just display a popup.

popup plugin

Let’s start with the popups though. OK so in the image above you see that funky rabbit that’s being zapped by a bolt of electricity, that is actually a video embedded in the popupĀ  you just can’t see the video controls in the image.

OK so other stuff the popup plugin can do :

  • Display those cool footer opt in forms that slide up to catch the visitors attention, example on our rapid indexer page (as many as you want all different on different pages)
  • Display ads in the same manner by not having an optin form (you can see it here on this page but you can have as many as you want all different on different pages)
  • Add a cool opt in form at the bottom of each post to get more subscribers (scroll down to see it in action).
  • Add as many lists as you want (different opt in form codes).
  • Add as many popups as you want (different ones on different pages)
  • Normal exit popups with this popup plugin
  • HTML exit popups with this popup plugin
  • Opt in form at the top of your blog.
  • Subscribe on commenting.
  • A refferal bonus system.
  • Connect via facebook.
  • See hidden content on subscription.

This means that instead of a whole load of different plugins to do different things you only need this one.

Oodles (is that even a word?) of options:

This popup plugin has so many options my geek heart jumped for joy when I started playing with it, so many options and not enough time to play with them all lol.

So as you already will have guessed I think this popup plugin is the best thing since sliced bread, easily a 10 out of 10 from me for this popup plugin.

If you have read my blog you will know that I tell it how it is and I’m not one of those marketers that promotes every shiny object that hit the market :-)

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