what is rss and how does it workRSS is an acronym or abbreviation of Real Simple Syndication and is an easy way to publish content that is updated regularly like blog entries, news and videos.

The earliest forms of RSS started in 1995 by Apple. In 1999 the first version of the RSS was created and in 2002 the RSS that we know today came about.

So enough with the history and on to how it works.

RSS has revolutionised the way we recieve, read and syndicate content online. It consists of simple text files with additional XML tags to create RSS feeds that are easily read and formated by RSS readers, browsers and websites.

Most web publishing platforms create RSS feeds which are dynamically updated everytime new content is added to the website. This makes it extremely easy for visitors to be updated when fresh content is added to your website or blog by subscribing to your RSS feed. If you see the distinctive RSS iconRSS button then the website creates a feed that you can subscribe to.

So RSS can increase your readership of your website and it’s link building properties are fantastic. By producing a feed you are basically giving people permission to use your content. People by nature are lasy so if your feed has good content people will use it. Just make sure you have links to your related content inside your posts, that way when people use your content they build backlinks for you.

Thats just one aspect of building links with RSS, there are so many others but they are topics for another time.

If your not already using RSS feeds for building links for your SEO then you’re missing out on a powerful medium for doing so.

Check out my next post which is a clean list of places to submit RSS feeds.

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