pr sculptingThe term PR Sculpting is another one of those words that is thrown around the SEO world, but what does it really mean? Basically, PR sculpting refers to a process where webmasters used to use a “nofollow” tag on their internal site links in order to focus PageRank or link strength on the pages and/or anchor text that the site owner wants to see ranked in the search engines.

After knowing the definition of PR (which means Page Rank, by the way) sculpting, is it a technique you should use on your site to help boost your site’s search engine rankings? The use of PR sculpting techniques is designed to change the way page rank moves within your site. For example, on a large number of sites, the majority of incoming links point to the home page.

Because of this, the homepage has the highest page rank, which is then distributed to other pages of the site due to links to other links. pr sculpting Some pages are considered less important than others (like your disclaimer page or contact me page), and so you don’t want to waste any page rank value on those pages. So, to keep page rank going to the pages of your site that you want to draw attention to, you used to be able to add the “nofollow” attribute to links on your site.

Although in a recent Google update they have essentially done away with PR Sculpting by “evaporating” it instead of distributing it evenly amongst the other links that are not “nofollowed”, it is still possible to do PRsculpting via javascript or flash as these technologies hinder the search engines spiders.

The thing that makes PR sculpting worth trying is that there is a history of results. Pages that use PR sculpting techniques have demonstrated that they have far better PR flow than sites that don’t use the technique.

PR sculpting has been used for several years, and techniques that work stay around. This is why people are still using the PR sculpting technique to keep PR flow moving to the right pages and to increase the rank of your site on Google and other major search providers.

While the use of PR sculpting and the “nofollow” attribute has become a problem, it is still relatively easy to use in terms of successful search engine optimization tools. A professional search engine optimization firm is your best bet for successful implementation of PR sculpting, because Google and other large search providers have become wise to the technique and in order to get the result you want, there are a few things that must be done for the technique to work nowadays.

However, when the technique is successfully used, site owners see a rapid increase in their page ranking that can be implemented more quickly than many other SEO techniques. Negative publicity that surrounds PR sculpting is generally a result of website owners who have tried the trick in the wrong way, creating endless loops that are ineffective and hated by users.

When used appropriately on your web site, PR sculpting is simply a way to ensure that visitors get the best experience by seeing the information they want to see and that search engines recognize the most important pages on your site.

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