low hanging fruitThose in the business of promoting their website and hoping for higher ranks on the major search engines may have heard the term “low hanging fruit”. The concept of low hanging fruit refers to searched phrases that are long, but very specific.

For example, think of a search for “lawyer” versus one for “wrongful death malpractice attorney Denver Colorado”.

The second term is considered low hanging fruit, and there are some advantages to tailoring your site around this type of specific keyword.

First, competition for short keyword phrases is fierce, regardless of what word you are targeting.

low hanging fruit

For example, a Google search for the word “lawyer” returns more than about 178,000,000 results. However, a search for “wrongful death malpractice attorney Denver Colorado” returns only about 142,000 results. While this is just an example of how you can take advantage of these search criteria, try doing your own test using Google and some long and short key phrases that relate to your webpage, and check out how the competition stacks up.

The second consideration is the number of targeted visitors you will get. A searcher looking for “lawyer” could be looking for an attorney to help them with a case, trying to find out how to become a lawyer, looking up the definition of lawyer, or nearly anything else.

However, the person who types in “wrongful death malpractice attorney Denver Colorado” is probably looking for an attorney in Denver who handles death as a result of malpractice. As a webmaster, it is far easier to become the highest ranked page in a very specific niche than it is to attempt to gain ranking for an overused keyword.

Finally, for a new website owner, building your page around a very specific niche that would be considered low hanging fruit can help you focus on the topic you want to address. It makes it far easier to decide what type of content and which sites to link to on your site, because you know exactly who you are appealing to.

To determine which phrases you should pursue as “low hanging fruit”, start thinking like a searcher. Does your website appeal to a specific demographic? Find out what they are looking for. Ask your friends and family how they would search to find your page, and then see what the competition for those phrases looks like.

If your site is already established, experiment with different phrases to determine which ones your page already ranks highly for. The goal is to decide which phrases are most likely to get you hits, and then you can begin building your site around this “low hanging fruit”.

The low hanging fruit technique is a great way for novice website owners to start bringing targeted traffic to your site.

Focusing your search engine optimization efforts around phrases that are specific and likely to bring in visitors is a guaranteed way to get the targeted traffic that results in sales for your site. Low hanging fruit can be easy to grab if you do a little research.

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